Thursday, 30 June 2011

all in the socks

dress (worn as top)- charity shop
skirt- fearne cotton 
belt- vintage
socks- my daddies!!

I actually couldn't get up this morning. Normally I struggle to get out of bed, but once I'm up I'm fine. I was at my friend's house and although we didn't clock in too late getting up this morning required just so much effort and energy. She only lives up the road so I tramped home in my pyjamas (thank god I didn't see anyone I knew!!).
I have no idea what I'm going to do today- I haven't thought that far ahead- thinking I should dejunk my room, which is long overdue. Or perhaps chill out and watch some tennis. The possibilities are endless(: (:

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

do me up please...

dress- H&M

I've been watching Wimbledon pretty much since it began last week, and although I obviously want Andy Murray to win, I've always had a soft spot for Novak Djokovic. To be honest though I don't really mind who wins.
I'm going round to my friend's for a movie night tonight, I suspect it won't be an all- nighter, and I don't think it's this time we're going to watch all of the Harry Potter's back to back- bless this reminds me of Yes Man and Norm's Harry Potter party. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to a catchup session and seeing all the girls. 
As you might notice on the pictures, I got a bit sunburnt the other day on my arms, and I have a massive bruise on the side of my right leg- I have no idea how I got it!! Should go in a couple of days though so that's okay!! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

flora and fauna

playsuit: javelin

This is just a quick couple of photos based on two things. First, dad has just redone parts of our garden and seeing as it's summer some of the foliage and flowers are lovely! Second, I wanted a playsuit for AGES and I actually LOVE this one. It's really flattering and surprisingly stays up really well despite the lack of straps.
In the time between my last post and this (approximately 30 minutes) I regret to admit that I haven't accomplished anything, but nevertheless I will endeavour to make my day more fruitful (link to the photos).

a breath of fresh air

Scarf: My mother's (Loughborough University)
Jumper: My father's
Skirt: charity shop
Wellington Boots: unknown
Dog: his name is Jett :)

I have 'officially' started my summer holidays- that means I can do whatever I want, waste my time watching TV and not feel guilty, because I don't have anything to do, YESSS! I've got a busy week coming up next week though, so this week will be 'relax, take it easy' and next week will be 'all systems go go go'. I've got my ballet exam on tuesday, my prom and after party on wednesday, and I'm  going to Manchester friday- sunday to dance at Modulate (National CAT Festival) not as in feline cats, as in Centre Of Advanced Training. I'll be dancing with DanceEast Academy. I'm soo excited!! It's gonna be an exciting summer holiday(: (:

Sunday, 26 June 2011

say 'CHEESE'

Finally, after about two years I got my braces off, and I love my teeth now!
I constantly find myself smiling at my reflection, which if I do too much will be seriously bad.
I'm just so pleased that I got them off, however, as I have my prom in two weeks- perfect timing, if I might say so!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

follow the path?

 I've gone back to nature in the style of Melissa Haslam and her fairytale paintings. It was kind of surreal when I was doing these photos, as without shoes it really felt like I was at 'one with nature'. It was kinda nice to have dirty feet and wear just a white cotton dress- I'd like to think it conveys my innocence. 
There's loads of Alice in Wonderland themes ongoing at the moment, and this is my attempt at a personal creative version. I really needed a pair of rabbit ears just to finish it off- aaah well.
dress- charity shop
flower- new look

Thursday, 23 June 2011

lots of strings

the necklaces above are my all time favourite. the first is a friendship necklace given to me by my friend, despite its simplicity it has a subtle vintage air to it, and I find myself always wearing it. The last was a birthday present in which a C for charlotte and a swallow hang. I love that its personal yet secret meanings it is from freedom at TopShop.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vintage Rose

I actually love this outfit, I wanted a locket for ages and this oversize one totally suits the vintage theme. I adore my shoes (which I'm using for my prom) and the rose print sun dress is so easy to wear.

Jumper- my mother's; dress- vintage; locket- freedom at Topshop; Belt- Primark; Shoes- Love Label at Littlewoods

fancy a read?

I saw this at Diss Train Station and thought it was such a quaint idea(:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

just pointing and shooting

I'll make no bones about it, I am the person who owns a basic digital camera, takes tons of photos and likes to think of myself as a reasonable photographer. When in reality they are really quite awful. But using picnik I can pretend that I really am awesome.

Photo to the right >
taken at Southwold beach, edited on picnik

don't sit on an idea...

taken at the Wingfield Art Exhibition, Suffolk-
I think this is going to be a my inspirational motto

Monday, 20 June 2011

filling my time with gobbledegoop

it is very cliché, to admit 'my summer is here' 
nevertheless sadly this overused quote does apply to my circumstances and I intend to use it.

'my summer is here' and I must fill my time with meaningless tasks and trophy activities so to dissuade my sub concious from empowering avid television watching or Facebook stalking.

As a consequence I have drawn up a list:

  1. learn how to make paper- so I can use it in my art a-level sketchbooks
  2. de junk my room- a delayed spring clean I admit
  3. go charity shop searching- my autumn/winter wardrobe needs replenishing
  4. make a cake- just for the sheer hell of it
  5. sort through my photos- to build up my memory wall
  6. paint my wardrobe a random colour- my room is too normal
  7. read as many books as humanly possible- so to build up irrelevant trivia
  8. go for a really long bike ride
  9. make ice lollies- because I've always wanted to
  10. take lots of photos
I think that should be sufficient.
I will of course document my activities and should it be necessary add to the list.