Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a breath of fresh air

Scarf: My mother's (Loughborough University)
Jumper: My father's
Skirt: charity shop
Wellington Boots: unknown
Dog: his name is Jett :)

I have 'officially' started my summer holidays- that means I can do whatever I want, waste my time watching TV and not feel guilty, because I don't have anything to do, YESSS! I've got a busy week coming up next week though, so this week will be 'relax, take it easy' and next week will be 'all systems go go go'. I've got my ballet exam on tuesday, my prom and after party on wednesday, and I'm  going to Manchester friday- sunday to dance at Modulate (National CAT Festival) not as in feline cats, as in Centre Of Advanced Training. I'll be dancing with DanceEast Academy. I'm soo excited!! It's gonna be an exciting summer holiday(: (:

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