Wednesday, 29 June 2011

do me up please...

dress- H&M

I've been watching Wimbledon pretty much since it began last week, and although I obviously want Andy Murray to win, I've always had a soft spot for Novak Djokovic. To be honest though I don't really mind who wins.
I'm going round to my friend's for a movie night tonight, I suspect it won't be an all- nighter, and I don't think it's this time we're going to watch all of the Harry Potter's back to back- bless this reminds me of Yes Man and Norm's Harry Potter party. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to a catchup session and seeing all the girls. 
As you might notice on the pictures, I got a bit sunburnt the other day on my arms, and I have a massive bruise on the side of my right leg- I have no idea how I got it!! Should go in a couple of days though so that's okay!! 

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