Monday, 20 June 2011

filling my time with gobbledegoop

it is very cliché, to admit 'my summer is here' 
nevertheless sadly this overused quote does apply to my circumstances and I intend to use it.

'my summer is here' and I must fill my time with meaningless tasks and trophy activities so to dissuade my sub concious from empowering avid television watching or Facebook stalking.

As a consequence I have drawn up a list:

  1. learn how to make paper- so I can use it in my art a-level sketchbooks
  2. de junk my room- a delayed spring clean I admit
  3. go charity shop searching- my autumn/winter wardrobe needs replenishing
  4. make a cake- just for the sheer hell of it
  5. sort through my photos- to build up my memory wall
  6. paint my wardrobe a random colour- my room is too normal
  7. read as many books as humanly possible- so to build up irrelevant trivia
  8. go for a really long bike ride
  9. make ice lollies- because I've always wanted to
  10. take lots of photos
I think that should be sufficient.
I will of course document my activities and should it be necessary add to the list.

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