Friday, 24 June 2011

follow the path?

 I've gone back to nature in the style of Melissa Haslam and her fairytale paintings. It was kind of surreal when I was doing these photos, as without shoes it really felt like I was at 'one with nature'. It was kinda nice to have dirty feet and wear just a white cotton dress- I'd like to think it conveys my innocence. 
There's loads of Alice in Wonderland themes ongoing at the moment, and this is my attempt at a personal creative version. I really needed a pair of rabbit ears just to finish it off- aaah well.
dress- charity shop
flower- new look


  1. Melissa Haslam is one of my favourite artists, her pieces are beautiful!

    Lovely blog lady x

  2. thankyou! I studied her in my gcse art exam :)