Thursday, 21 July 2011

the biggest fashion crime

I always complain about how people wear socks with sandals and how it does not work, however, in respect, I have crossed the boundary today in that I have worn tights with sandals. I guess not exactly the same it still cuts pretty close.

I realised also that I hadn't painted my nails in a while so I dug out my favourite coral by face uk. It's starting to run out and I'm pretty gutted as I actually love it. Apparently, coral nail varnish makes your hands look smoother, so I guess its a win win situation. 

Yes, my tights do have a hole in them. Regretfully, when taking these photos I managed to make a massive one at the top of my leg (I managed to cover it up), I guess I've got to find a way of wearing them now... not impressed. 

This is actually my dad's work satchel which I spied in his wardrobe ( I wasn't prying honest). It's a Luca Bocelli, which I actually have a satchel in... I may be borrowing this in the future when I wish to maximise the office sheek look ;D
jumper- vintage
dress- new look
tights(with holes)- pretty polly
sandals- primark
locket- topshop
belt- primark
bracelet- german market

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