Wednesday, 20 July 2011

city in a garden

I had almost forgotten that my camera possessed a black and white feature-- first time I've used it in quite a while!! I like this photo, as I've done absolutely no editing (apart from black and white); it makes my skin look sooo clear!! :) 
I seem to be a bit lost at the moment, unsure of what to occupy myself with. I'm actually rather glad that I started this blog to keep me occupied. Honestly, I think I've watched my entire DVD collection about five times, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a countless amount of times! 
Ohh!! Guess what!! A couple of months ago my purse was stolen at school, and then the other day my old form tutor rang up and said he found it!! They took some money, but I've got all my old gift vouchers back and the lovely purse (a chrimbo present from my daddy). 

I've got my intermediate foundation modern theatre exam today, and then I think I might go and do a spot of sale shopping in Bury St Edmunds, if I can persuade my dad to pick my up later... looks like today is going to be busy, if I can only organise it right!! 

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