Wednesday, 13 July 2011

eclectic junky I'd say

Okay, I succumbed to the H&M sale in Canterbury and bought the skirt pictured below. Yes the tiny price (a mere £3) attracted me, however, I did need another skirt and I liked very much the wrap around style- very unique!!

Today despite the fact that tons of stuff is piled on top of my wardrobe I have in fact been tidying and dejunking my room. Due to my OCD side which I have to please on a regular basis, I actually quite enjoyed tucking things into little hideyholes etc... very satisfying (:

top- lovelabel
skirt- H&M sale
tights- pretty polly
shoes- clarks
shrug- vintage
bag- vintage
necklace- new look

I've just paused Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in order to write this post, so I am prepared and ready to watch Part 2 on Saturday... very excited!!! I probably shouldn't admit to this, but when the last book came out, my mum and I pre-ordered two copies and set off at midnight, me dressed as Hermoine (with my crazy curly hair) to get them. Just waiting for the box set to come out and mum and dad to take me to harry potter world!!

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