Monday, 18 July 2011

lazy days

The novelty of an extra long summer holiday, is alas, beginning to rub off, despite the fact that I seem to be absorbing books at an alarming rate, occupying myself with the last of the term dance classes and watching way too much Jeremy Kyle- so much so that I actually quoted it the other day.
In addition what makes it increasingly worse is:

  1. it's constantly raining
  2. Harry Potter has come to an end
  3. I haven't done anything spontaneous or exciting for a very long time
  4. most of my friends are on holiday- boo!
However, going to the cinema to watch Harry for the last time did cheer me up- I admit in anticipation of his arrival on my local big screen I watched part one about four times back to back- I was satisfied I knew what had happened so far. It's funny most of my generation has grown up around Harry Potter even if they do not care for it... one of my friends asked me if I was obsessed with HP as she is, I replied 'Of course I've read all the books!!' she answered 'Oh I haven't'... it fails me that someone can claim to be obsessed with HP if they haven't read all of the books- it just doesn't work. Dear me, as a consequence of my obsession as well as a pair of vans (see earlier post) I will be requesting a Gryffindor Scarf to come in Santa's sack for me. I even did a sorting hat quiz: and can proudly admit, should I be graced with magic I would be a gryffindor :)

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