Saturday, 23 July 2011

red is for danger... or is it?

Okay, I think I've been bitten by something... not an insect, but a sewing bug. This is the second skirt I've made in two days. I'm actually proper chuffed with myself (to reuse a phrase). 
It's weird, my grandma when she was downsizing to her new flat, gave me a ton (and I mean a ton) of fabric and I kinda just chucked it in the loft. Then I had the random thought 'let's be creative and make some clothes!!'. Which is realistically the best thing for me, seeing as I have to have a constant inflow of new clothing and am also completely skint, defo a WIN WIN!! 
 And yes, I know I'm wearing my espadrilles again... but I utterly love them. So easy to slip on and they  look sooo good!! And they're not too small despite being a smaller size :L

Watched 'Grown Ups' today with my family. Laughed my head off pretty much. I also met up with my best friend for a good catchup and managed to fit in a weekly shop with my mum including a traipse around town to find 'the right sort of iams' to quote mother. She'll probably hate me for this.
I'm also reading Hippotimous (not sure on spelling) by Stephen Fry and was ecstatic to discover that it is actually based around where I live. I'm still at the beginning though so not too sure on what happens.
jumper- charity shop
skirt- handmade
espadrilles- Miss Selfridge
bracelet- french market

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