Friday, 15 July 2011

slap on the wrist

Okay, it is the biggest fashion crime to wear something two days in a row, however, I did. I meant to upload this post yesterday, nevertheless, some sneaky fellow came and stole all my time and I had no time to update-- sorry!! Consequently, this is yesterday's post...
 It actually pains me that celebrities are forced by the media and the public to buy hugely expensive designer clothes and only wear them once. Some I do accept sell in charity auctions... but in seems such a waste!!
 I am unsure how I discovered The Uniform Project, but I have to admit I actually love it!! It is such a good approach to sustainable and reusable fashion. In addition it helps people become more adventurous when styling their clothes every morning.
It's like having a school uniform again, and looking at how different 'cliques' or personalities make their stamp on the generic white shirt, tie and black skirt. Some use belts, socks, hair accessories-- I find it fascinating to work out what aspects of their personalities they are trying to convey. 
So yes, I did wear this skirt the other day, but I like to think this is a kinda completely different outfit (:
skirt- H&M
vest top- unsure
cardigan- vintage
flower- new look
boots- rocket dog

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