Monday, 11 July 2011

stripy tigers

'you know the stripes on a tiger are hard to count' just popped into my head, I love the noisettes (:
I think if you were to count the amount of stripes  a tiger has it would take you a very long time- perhaps the reason why I have been so busy (sadly I haven't seen any tigers, just was a nice post title).
 Anyway, yes I have been very busy... I came back from Manchester yesterday, in which I performed at Modulate at The Lowry- I even got a t-shirt!!!

Also I had my prom... it was lovely, I think I spent the whole day getting ready, but who cares!!
I was really impressed with the fact that I managed to spend the least amount of money possible on my dress...

dress- ebay outlet £15
shoes- lovelabel
belt- primark
earrings- clare's accessories

Today, however, I went to Pleasurewood Hills and had a great time, eating ice cream going on the rides and getting soaked on the log flume. In addition it was really nice that it was quiet and the rollercoaster queues were pretty short. I'm actually quite ashamed to admit that it was the first time I'd been there considering I live about forty-five minutes away, and it was thus a nice surprise. 

Tomorrow, I'm still very busy and am going to Canterbury to study Chaucer as it may be in my english literature a-level course next year. I really love english literature, and as of yet have not touched on middle english and pilgrimage. I am very much looking forward to it.

I haven't really done many fashion posts recently, as I haven't had a chance to buy any new clothes (not that I need any), but I did manage to have a scout around the local charity shops. I feel bad, though, I must get into full bargain hunting swing over the summer- it's too good a chance to be missed!! 

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