Monday, 29 August 2011

space walking

When I was about ten, my mother handed me a magazine full of dancer's interviews from the Royal Ballet, and it was only today that I put them up on my wall. Partly due to the fact that there was a big gap just begging to be filled, but also, because they are lovely to look at.
That is all.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

bootiful bargains!

I am so ecstatic about my morning... it has been simply fabulous. The car boot, of which, my family and I have been trying to do for ages happened this morning!! As well as managing to get rid of some (junk) I earned £25!! for about two hours work. In addition to this I managed to get:
dress £1

dress 50p

blue bangle 5p
bronze bangle 20p
belt 20p

All in all I think that comes to about £1.95, and I can officially say I am hooked!! I am planning to shorten the dress length on the blue dress... just a tad too long for me :)
I'm going to a camp out tonight, on a farm so I'm expecting to get muddy... but there's going to be a bonfire and I'm taking marshmallows-- shall be FUN!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

link surfing...

I just thought I'd share with you some LARVELY things I found whilst doing a spot of 'link surfing'...:

Robert Ryan :

The above photos have been sourced from their websites, I do not own them.

watercolour wall

So yesterday I said that I was going to do some art... and today I have:

And this is what I made-->
I'm doing a monster car boot tomorrow, to raise lots of lovely money so that I can buy lots of lovely things... well clothes.
Mumma told me that she wants to take me to see 'Jane Eyre' at the cinema... a book which I am yet to enjoy and has been sat on my 'books to read' pile for about two years..
I must get cracking on that!!

Friday, 26 August 2011


I like this very much:
Just got my GCSE exam results-- am very happy with them!!! Mumma bought me a cake and my friend sent me a postcard from France- another stamp to add to my collection. 
Also I've realised that I haven't been very arty this holiday, so tomorrow I think I'm gonna do tons!! I'm going to a party on Sunday night, will be lovely to catch up with everyone! 

Friday, 19 August 2011

sketchy character

Just a sketch that I have been working on... honestly no where near finished, but I deemed it semi good enough to share with you!!
I managed to frantically pack as I'm going camping tomorrow for a week!! My bag is literally HUGE.
... just checking out the new Jack Wills autumn range and am liking this:
sourced from Jack Wills website
I honestly think I'm addicted to knitwear... whether that is a good thing or not, I believe I am not in the position to decide :L

Thursday, 18 August 2011

laughing my socks off!!

I have just come back from watching the Inbetweener's Movie and absolutely laughed my socks off!! Unluckily though whilst walking from the middle of town to the cinema (which is about a 5 min walk) I got absolutely soaked, resembling that of a drowned rat and looking seriously ridiculous- NOT COOL.
It is one week exactly until my exam results are released and I am just a tad nervous... okay a lot nervous.. wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

lust is not so bad...

sourced from
So I saw this while I was link surfing, and I absolutely adore it... it would fit in so well with my wardrobe!

I am very glad to report that I have finished the mustard coloured blouse with a peter pan collar:

I have half tidied my room... it was in desperate need of a good clean, however, I think I have succeeded in just juggling things around as opposed to actually getting down to the task in hand.
cardigan- new look
blouse- HANDMADE!
jeans- topshop
bag- vintage
shoes- south  

Sunday, 14 August 2011

so I have no head...

... and I'm wearing in my new jeans- you know how you just have to get them just right, moulded to your butt. Not like when they're new or just been washed.
So why do I have no head? I couldn't be bothered to try and get a good picture with my head in it... and I figured seeing as this one made me looked pretty damn tanned, it suited me just fine to have no head...
I'm actually obsessed with I think I've looked at each different designer separately. I like some of the artists so much that I've prowled through their past work and added them to my 'snuggled up and reading' blog list. The ones I particularly like are as follows:
  1. Ashley Goldberg:
  2. Kate Wilson:
  3. Alison :
Aaahh man, just found out mum's cut the water off, because the utility room is flooded!! They say bad luck comes in three- I think I've had three rounds so GOOD LUCK NOW PLEASE! Look's like this cup of tea might be the last for a while -.- 

top- charity shop
jeans- lovelabel
boots- new look
assorted bracelets- the land of idk. 

Saturday, 13 August 2011


So I realised that there's been a Closer magazine just laying around the house for at least a week and I haven't even looked at it... I feel ashamed, very ashamed. Nevertheless, I picked up today and have just been surfing a few websites and found some absolute GEMS!
Photograph from
When I saw this necklace I just knew I wanted it... Mango Necklace by Aurora Bloom £20

Another website I found was Lavish Alice, low prices and totally on trend clothes... I know where I'll be spending my cow bank money ;D

Friday, 12 August 2011

going Gaga

I do adore Lady Gaga, but never really considered myself one of her 'little monsters', however I must confess after watching her interview with Rick on T4 this morning I have officially converted. What struck me was her vocabulary and how she was so modest when discussing her own fame, by saying she's just simply driven by the music... beautiful.
Just a little Lady Gaga on a Friday morning:

I must confess I'm in a bit of lazy mood today, so I can kind of forebode that this will probably be today's only post... sorry!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

going for grunge

As I previously mentioned I am currently attempting to do my silver arts award and these are some inspired photographs. I have set them in a grungy setting so to contrast the delicacy commonly associated with ballet. 
These pointe shoes are way too soft, but I am planning to replace them as of next friday... I love new pointe shoes. Sewing in new ribbons and the satisfaction of bending the leather soles to wear them in... beautiful!

Above^^ an arabesque en pointe and four close ups of my feet. I went to a limbering class yesterday at my dance school and was presently surprised that I didn't ache this morning. I must continue to stretch and do my exercises throughout the holiday!!
jumper- lovelabel
dress- quiz
ballet shoes- suffolk solos 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

one of a kind?

So with me, whenever I buy something new I simply have to wear it the next day. No matter whether it's a pair of shorts and its snowing (well actually probably not, but you get the jist!).

I'm doing my silver arts award and have been neglecting it (much to my mum's disappointment), I must attend to it today!!

top- love label
skirt- charity shop
necklace- new look
sunglasses(because it's summer)- accessorize 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

succumbed to pressure

It is just typical that I have been searching for simply ages for a maxi skirt in my beloved charity shops... and when I go in search with the intention of securing some new tops I find a gem of a skirt. Today has been quite proficient in terms of acquiring new objects (and by that I mean clothes!!).
In addition the pair of jeans which my mother kindly obliged in buying me upon the commencement of sixth form arrived this morning. I had a rather unfortunate accident in my old pair of stonewash skinnies in that I attempted to do a forwards roll. Despite successfully completing it I managed to rip the crotch in such a way that they couldn't even be turned into v. short shorts. Shame.
I also bought a new mascara today, as scarily my Rimmel 'Max Bold Curves' dried up in the matter of a few days-- very scary. I've had it for a couple of months and it was absolutely fine, and then BAM dried up. So after extensive product review reading I settled for Maybeline 'Falsies'. I thought my former was good, but OMGosh this is so much better. I like it so much after one use that I'm actually motivated to write a review on!!!!
Sadly, as part of the deal of dad taking me into town I had to triapse (if that's possible in the backseat of the car while he drives) after him to Finbow's Yard. Nevertheless, I discovered two beautiful gift shops!!! Much to my surprise as I had assumed it was a DIY kind of place (not my thing at all). The jewellery I found out was Rosie Fox in which I found a beautiful jade bangle. And also a locally based artist Lucy Dawson who I shall try and incorporate into my art a-level portfolio at some point.

outfit one^^
top- charity shop
skirt- charity shop
locket- freedom at topshop

outfit two^^
top- as before
jeans- love label
locket- as before

Monday, 8 August 2011

shirt brother's my stole I


In my defence, it no longer fits him and he said after I had stolen it I could have it. I was most pleased. I've wacked up the contrast just a tad on these photos, because I so desperately wanna dye it again soon. As you may recall I dyed it a little while ago, but it was only semi permanent and has all but gone. I pleased to admit, however, that I have worked up a little tan and that it isn't to far away from that pictured above!
I am also inordinately pleased with the fact that I have finished the maxi skirt I have been making for what seems an actual age! Pictured left is the finished garment complete with a lace detail around the waist. I think I should set up a little boutique called 'a la Pearl'... maybe, when I get super amazing at making clothes. 

first outfit^^
shirt- my brother's (unsure of shopping facility)
trousers- vintage 
lace- from material box

second outfit^^
t-shirt- love label
skirt- handmade
anklet- Portuguese market

Sunday, 7 August 2011

soul boosting

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, whenever I go to the arcade, I am simply awful at everything. I'm the type of person who wastes all their money on the 1p/2p machines as I simply have to knock them down. I suck at all the computer games and my aiming is just awful. The one game, however, that I know consider myself a master at. A game where you shoot 10p through holes and it gives you so many tickets. Nevetheless, after begging my brother to give me 50 of his tickets I won this little beauty:

This is a COW BANK.

My pleasure at such a winning was thwarted, however, by the fact that this guy managed to get the 'ultimate bonus' and a thousand tickets just after me!! Seriously what is wrong with my life! 
My little cow now sits on the top shelf on my bookcase, along with my Leo Tolstoy bargain books (War and Peace& Anna Kareina both £1.99 from and has a shiny little pound in its belly ready to treat myself upon collecting a suitable amount... I AM VERY EXCITED TO SPEND IT!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

i wanna grow my hair real long.

So, these are my make up posts. Yes, I have been found and charged as guilty for neglect and I am deeply regretful! I have been using my time appropriately, however- or at least I have been tackling loads of objects on my mental to do list..

These are the photos from my dancing intensive at Snape Maltings in collaboration with the Aldeburgh Young Musicians. 

The three landscapes were taken at Aldeburgh beach, whilst the portrait is the Hoffman Building performance space at Snape Maltings. I used Picnik to edit them.. I like the retro feel. Funky.

Other than my intrepid holidaying.. ('intrepid' doesn't really fit, but I really wanted to use the word..) I have been busy:
  1. Tidied and ordered my room
  2. Uploaded all of my dad's 'rock' cds onto his itunes
  3. In the process of making a maxi skirt
  4. Halfway through a lace dress with an intended black peter pan collar
  5. Organised a vintage/charity shop hunt upon the return of my best friend from Crete
  6. Ordered loads of stuff to car boot
  7. Read tons of books!! including 'The Hippopotamus' ; 'The Colour Purple' ; 'The Essential Tales of Anton Chekhow'

Friday, 5 August 2011

such bad grammar...

"I is back" I proudly proclaimed on my facebook page. Yes, it has been far too long between this post and my last, two weeks I sadly suspect. The truth is I have been hard at work dancing in Aldeburgh and then the second week holidaying in Southwold. Alas, due to a severe lack of wireless and access the computers I have been unable to upload- the downside of two thoroughly enjoyable weeks!!
I'm making a maxi skirt.. ohh yess, my creativity seems to be unstoppable, and in addition I plan to make some 'dosh' at a car boot sale this weekend, and then go charity shop hunting sometime in the near future- a very exciting prospect!