Sunday, 28 August 2011

bootiful bargains!

I am so ecstatic about my morning... it has been simply fabulous. The car boot, of which, my family and I have been trying to do for ages happened this morning!! As well as managing to get rid of some (junk) I earned £25!! for about two hours work. In addition to this I managed to get:
dress £1

dress 50p

blue bangle 5p
bronze bangle 20p
belt 20p

All in all I think that comes to about £1.95, and I can officially say I am hooked!! I am planning to shorten the dress length on the blue dress... just a tad too long for me :)
I'm going to a camp out tonight, on a farm so I'm expecting to get muddy... but there's going to be a bonfire and I'm taking marshmallows-- shall be FUN!

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