Saturday, 6 August 2011

i wanna grow my hair real long.

So, these are my make up posts. Yes, I have been found and charged as guilty for neglect and I am deeply regretful! I have been using my time appropriately, however- or at least I have been tackling loads of objects on my mental to do list..

These are the photos from my dancing intensive at Snape Maltings in collaboration with the Aldeburgh Young Musicians. 

The three landscapes were taken at Aldeburgh beach, whilst the portrait is the Hoffman Building performance space at Snape Maltings. I used Picnik to edit them.. I like the retro feel. Funky.

Other than my intrepid holidaying.. ('intrepid' doesn't really fit, but I really wanted to use the word..) I have been busy:
  1. Tidied and ordered my room
  2. Uploaded all of my dad's 'rock' cds onto his itunes
  3. In the process of making a maxi skirt
  4. Halfway through a lace dress with an intended black peter pan collar
  5. Organised a vintage/charity shop hunt upon the return of my best friend from Crete
  6. Ordered loads of stuff to car boot
  7. Read tons of books!! including 'The Hippopotamus' ; 'The Colour Purple' ; 'The Essential Tales of Anton Chekhow'

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