Monday, 8 August 2011

shirt brother's my stole I


In my defence, it no longer fits him and he said after I had stolen it I could have it. I was most pleased. I've wacked up the contrast just a tad on these photos, because I so desperately wanna dye it again soon. As you may recall I dyed it a little while ago, but it was only semi permanent and has all but gone. I pleased to admit, however, that I have worked up a little tan and that it isn't to far away from that pictured above!
I am also inordinately pleased with the fact that I have finished the maxi skirt I have been making for what seems an actual age! Pictured left is the finished garment complete with a lace detail around the waist. I think I should set up a little boutique called 'a la Pearl'... maybe, when I get super amazing at making clothes. 

first outfit^^
shirt- my brother's (unsure of shopping facility)
trousers- vintage 
lace- from material box

second outfit^^
t-shirt- love label
skirt- handmade
anklet- Portuguese market

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