Sunday, 14 August 2011

so I have no head...

... and I'm wearing in my new jeans- you know how you just have to get them just right, moulded to your butt. Not like when they're new or just been washed.
So why do I have no head? I couldn't be bothered to try and get a good picture with my head in it... and I figured seeing as this one made me looked pretty damn tanned, it suited me just fine to have no head...
I'm actually obsessed with I think I've looked at each different designer separately. I like some of the artists so much that I've prowled through their past work and added them to my 'snuggled up and reading' blog list. The ones I particularly like are as follows:
  1. Ashley Goldberg:
  2. Kate Wilson:
  3. Alison :
Aaahh man, just found out mum's cut the water off, because the utility room is flooded!! They say bad luck comes in three- I think I've had three rounds so GOOD LUCK NOW PLEASE! Look's like this cup of tea might be the last for a while -.- 

top- charity shop
jeans- lovelabel
boots- new look
assorted bracelets- the land of idk.