Sunday, 7 August 2011

soul boosting

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, whenever I go to the arcade, I am simply awful at everything. I'm the type of person who wastes all their money on the 1p/2p machines as I simply have to knock them down. I suck at all the computer games and my aiming is just awful. The one game, however, that I know consider myself a master at. A game where you shoot 10p through holes and it gives you so many tickets. Nevetheless, after begging my brother to give me 50 of his tickets I won this little beauty:

This is a COW BANK.

My pleasure at such a winning was thwarted, however, by the fact that this guy managed to get the 'ultimate bonus' and a thousand tickets just after me!! Seriously what is wrong with my life! 
My little cow now sits on the top shelf on my bookcase, along with my Leo Tolstoy bargain books (War and Peace& Anna Kareina both £1.99 from and has a shiny little pound in its belly ready to treat myself upon collecting a suitable amount... I AM VERY EXCITED TO SPEND IT!!

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