Tuesday, 9 August 2011

succumbed to pressure

It is just typical that I have been searching for simply ages for a maxi skirt in my beloved charity shops... and when I go in search with the intention of securing some new tops I find a gem of a skirt. Today has been quite proficient in terms of acquiring new objects (and by that I mean clothes!!).
In addition the pair of jeans which my mother kindly obliged in buying me upon the commencement of sixth form arrived this morning. I had a rather unfortunate accident in my old pair of stonewash skinnies in that I attempted to do a forwards roll. Despite successfully completing it I managed to rip the crotch in such a way that they couldn't even be turned into v. short shorts. Shame.
I also bought a new mascara today, as scarily my Rimmel 'Max Bold Curves' dried up in the matter of a few days-- very scary. I've had it for a couple of months and it was absolutely fine, and then BAM dried up. So after extensive product review reading I settled for Maybeline 'Falsies'. I thought my former was good, but OMGosh this is so much better. I like it so much after one use that I'm actually motivated to write a review on boots.com!!!!
Sadly, as part of the deal of dad taking me into town I had to triapse (if that's possible in the backseat of the car while he drives) after him to Finbow's Yard. Nevertheless, I discovered two beautiful gift shops!!! Much to my surprise as I had assumed it was a DIY kind of place (not my thing at all). The jewellery I found out was Rosie Fox in which I found a beautiful jade bangle. And also a locally based artist Lucy Dawson who I shall try and incorporate into my art a-level portfolio at some point.

outfit one^^
top- charity shop
skirt- charity shop
locket- freedom at topshop

outfit two^^
top- as before
jeans- love label
locket- as before

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