Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Get stuffed.

Just finished my third essay of the day... GAAH! A levels are so much harder than I anticipated!! Haha, ohh well I've done them now, let's just hope I don't forget them tomorrow! ;D
I'm having stuffed peppers tonight, uber healthy and I adore peppers (especially yellow ones) so I'm really looking forward to it, plus I'm really peckish so it suits me! 
This is what I wore today :) with my cheap grey zip up hoodie, which I utterly adore... it was a bit too cold today, so I wore my yellow coat as well :)
I'm listening to lovely radio 1 and trying to learn german vocabulary for friday... might watch some tv later, I don't know what's on though :L

what I'm wearing:
top& jeans--> lovelabel
necklace--> topshop

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