Saturday, 22 October 2011

I think you're hot okay?

Got back from my friend's sleepover last night with all the girls- was so lovely just having fun and letting our hair down once in a while, if ya know what I mean ;)
I managed to tidy about 1/8 of my room as well and wrote a review for my other blog: Inked in Silver check it out! hehe.
After my ballet lesson (which was actually really relaxing) I went trawling round the market with dadda... saw a cute cardigan and some apples that were like the size of my head I DO NOT LIE.
I was kinda annoyed though because I was searching for John Steinbeck 'The Pearl' for my English Literature creative writing, and I couldn't find it :( :(, but on the other hand I found out that Waterstones sells Orla Kiely Stationery... defo going on my chrimbo list ;)
Now gonna chillax with homemade bread& houmus in preparation for my x-factor fix... JANET FOR THE WIN! hehe <3

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