Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wide Eyed & Opened Mouth

So I've just got back from the dentist :( I hate the dentist, hate the trepidation that he's gonna frown whilst prodding your teeth and declare in a self satisfied manner (that sets my teeth on edge) that I need a filling... but today I guess I was lucky!! yay, I've survived until May half term... GROAN.

This is like my favourite song at the moment and seeing as I had to get up really early this morning to trek to the dentist I thought this would wake me up (as well as a larrvely cup of tea!!)
I'm still ploughing through my holiday homework- every time I tick something off I look at the remaining tasks as the sense of achievement is immediately wiped away!!
I have my audition for the U.Dance Ensemble tomorrow in London... I AM VERY NERVOUS, just got my tickets today and thought about what I need to take and all that jazz and I'm getting more nervous by the second... hopefully I'll take some photos tomorrow, of which I will of course share with you!! :D

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