Friday, 30 December 2011

back of the wardrobe inhabitants..

If you look in your wardrobe. Not at the coordinated clothes hanging from the rail, or the categorized boxes on the floor, but at the creatures that lurk at the very back you'll be surprised. The straighteners that you'd forgotten about, the lace top you'd thought you'd lost and perhaps something that you've never even seen before. That's where I found these. Just hanging around together, their faces turn to the back, laces still tied like when they were pulled off and bunged there...

...and a whole collection of memories comes flooding back. So ask yourself this:

  1. Where did you get them? 
  2. Why did you buy it?
  3. Where/When was the first time you wore them?
  4. What is you best memory of it?
  5. Why did they get thrown at the back of the wardrobe?
  6. What are you gonna do with them now?
and my answers are:
  1. Prim, a vintage shop in Norwich, I found them in the men's section although as a size four I don't think they would have fitted many males. I can't remember how much they were, but I didn't have enough money so I made my friend buy them for me and I had to pay her back later
  2. I bought them because I wanted a pair of trainers that weren't the common plimsolls, they were vintage and they were my size.
  3. I first wore them at home, just arrived home from buying them and I tried them on, walked round my room then went round the coop in them. good times.
  4. I wore them to a school trip to the Tate Modern/Britain, they were so comfy and everyone loved them.
  5. I also wore them to a sports themed party, I was a runner. They got ruined, turns out vintage sneakers don't hold out very well in the mud, dancing for hours on end and a little intoxication. they were absolutely ruined, the sole became almost detatched and one half of a toe cap was missing
  6. I'm going to keep them, possibly to remind me of the memories, but also (and most importantly) probably shouldn't buy vintage trainers without severe caution!!

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