Saturday, 21 January 2012

silence is golden

I L O V E M Y L I F E . .

I really do! I had the best birthday everr, and although alevels aren't a piece of cake, I'm doing okay..
My boyfriend is amazing, I like him (alot), he's so sweet and funny, and what really surprises me is that he has so much depth. Last Sunday I was doing some casual yoga and meditation, and he was like oh yeah I used to meditate every night.. as you do.

We've been slowly working our way through my Harry Potter boxset.. one day we didn't quite get to the end, and when I spoke to him later he told me he had listened to Stephen Fry on YouTube.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

what photography should look like..

So this was taken by one of my best friends Saskia (such a gorgeous name) for her A Level Photography coursework, I should like to say that I have done a sterling job modelling, but to be completely honest I literally just stood there and let the camera do all the work..
She is so lovely, creative and beautiful, I will be very surprised if she doesn't plague the artworld with her stunning work.. REMEMBER HER NAME!! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

off to Neverland I say

Wow such a crappy webcam, but I'm totally in love with my top I bought in the chrimbo sales <3

peterpan collar blouse- lovelabel 


Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year mit my twin

Okay so we're not actual twins, but we do share the same surname :)So we brought in the new year with a bang!

lilac lace dress- H&M
key necklace- vintage
horse belt- primark
red dress- Ark

p.s. h'omg I love Ark!!! 

living it up 2K12

I was thinking I could do the same as every other year- make a bunch of new years resolution and never achieve them. So instead I'm going to write a list of things I achieved in 2011, and hopefully they'll be inspiring!!
  1. gcse's pretty damn good
  2. physical sound with AYM and DanceEast was immense!
  3. friends (best everr)
  4. grade 6 ballet exam (DISTINCTION!!)
  5. intermediate foundation  modern exam (DISTINCTION!!)
  6. met Hofesh Shechter
  7. got into the U.Dance Ensemble
  8. made a memory wall
  9. my GCSE Art exam piece is on display 
  10. boyfriend<3
  11. Choreographed School play for the second year running
So quite a lot really!!
Okay what I plan to try and do:

  1. get more flexible
  2. get good AS level grades
  3. do my silver arts award
  4. make paper
  5. fill my walls with memories/photos
  6. paint my wardrobe
  7. change my curtains
  8. DEJUNK!
  9. get a job
  10. save money! 
Okay ten reasonable targets, hopefully I will be able to achieve them!! :L xoxo