Sunday, 1 January 2012

living it up 2K12

I was thinking I could do the same as every other year- make a bunch of new years resolution and never achieve them. So instead I'm going to write a list of things I achieved in 2011, and hopefully they'll be inspiring!!
  1. gcse's pretty damn good
  2. physical sound with AYM and DanceEast was immense!
  3. friends (best everr)
  4. grade 6 ballet exam (DISTINCTION!!)
  5. intermediate foundation  modern exam (DISTINCTION!!)
  6. met Hofesh Shechter
  7. got into the U.Dance Ensemble
  8. made a memory wall
  9. my GCSE Art exam piece is on display 
  10. boyfriend<3
  11. Choreographed School play for the second year running
So quite a lot really!!
Okay what I plan to try and do:

  1. get more flexible
  2. get good AS level grades
  3. do my silver arts award
  4. make paper
  5. fill my walls with memories/photos
  6. paint my wardrobe
  7. change my curtains
  8. DEJUNK!
  9. get a job
  10. save money! 
Okay ten reasonable targets, hopefully I will be able to achieve them!! :L xoxo

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