Saturday, 26 May 2012

it's new, but also kinda old, so I made it look olderrr

So, for my art exhibition I needed a frame to mount a print I had done. I wanted it to look vintage-y, but also fit with the theme of it. After many hopeless trips round charity shops, looking for the peculiar sized frame I needed I settled for this one^^

It was originally just wood, but I felt that it didn't have the vintage feel I wanted so I endeavoured to do a bit of adaptation. 
1. You could use primer, but I just used 2 layers of white acrylic.
2. Then I chose a acrylic folk art paint to do my top layer, I only needed one coat, but I had to a bit of mixing to get the desired shade.
3. Then using sandpaper I randomly scraped back the paint to the original wood.
4. Then to finish I swept some black shoe polish again in random places..

I pretty pleased with it, and considering the frame cost next to nothing, I think I might try and do it a couple more times in the future- a successful two hours work I should say!!

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