Wednesday, 27 June 2012

N U C A-mazing

Today started off as a bit of a disaster. I woke up late, then my hair decided it was going to go all flicky and I had to spend ages sorting it out, only to put it up eventually. Then I had a little run to the bus.. lets call it a casual jog to the bus. 
As today I went to the NUCA or The Norwich University College of the Arts degree show today. My art class and a photography class intended to travel via train, but due to an overhead line fault all trains were running two hours later. We did manage, however, to persuade my teacher to let us go on our own.. so here is my day!!
1. Drove to Norwich, after a couple of pit stops to get food, petrol and changes of clothes. Then parked at my friend's grandparent's flat. Had a little chat and this is the view:
2. Then had a cutesy trek across Norwich to NUCA to see the degree show. Think I took like two hundred photographs and have so many business cards it's unbelievable!
Above: a few of my personal favourites from the Fine Art and Illustration sections.
3. Then a little adventure round city, including the drinking of double chocolate coolers in Costa, buying raspberry bonbons and hunting in the vintage shops (PRIM and Goldfinches).
4. Then we drove home, I ate a lush stir fry, went to my ballet class, and am now watching an old Midsomer Murders episode on plus one. LOVE MY LIFE! (hehe)

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