Tuesday, 5 June 2012

shall we have a tea break?

I am obsessed with tea. Any tea you name it and I like it! My favourite at this current moment in time has to be Twinnings Camomile, Honey and Vanilla. It makes me so relaxed and at peace, and as a sister of the famous green tea it has lovely health boosting properties. I'm also a sucker for the classic english tea- milk one sugar for me! I think I could get through as much as eight cups a day if I'm not careful (don't worry I normally drink only 2 cups a day), although a side effect is that I think I becoming slightly addicted to caffeine.
What is your favourite type of tea?

Above is my artwork, please respect and ask before copying!

I know that perhaps this is rather a random post, but it was inspired by two factors.
1. My brother made me a cup of tea- which might I add is an increasingly rare occasion
2. My 10 free Clipper tastes arrived the other day!

Unfortunately you won't be able to apply for free samples anymore, but still check out the lovely website here! I am loving Clipper with their fairtrade tea so much that I have signed up to be a tea taster. If you wanna join in, click the link!
My favourite tea of the moment (left) and my Clipper 10 Free Tastes (right)

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  1. Haha I'm also a big fan of tea :)