Thursday, 7 June 2012

stylefile: midi skirt

Midi skirts are by far my favourite item of clothing at the moment. More versatile than the mini/maxi skirt they can be dressed up or dressed down and are perfect for hiding hairy legs! In addition if you are a thrifty person, charity shops are practically overfilling with wonderful cheap skirts!
So, here is my advice:
  1. check out your local charity shops!
  2. doesn't matter if they are a tad too big, a little tuck here and there and you're good to go
  3. if you have a patterned skirt go for a tucked in plain top, and finish with a simple belt
  4. alternatively,, if you've gone for a plain skirt don't be afraid to go for flashs of colour, and introduce accessories! 
My two new additions to my midi skirt collection
left- purchased from a charity shop for around £3, originally a size 16, but I altered it to fit a size 6/8
right- vintage midi skirt given to me by my grandmother. Required mending in a few places, but otherwise good condition.

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