Friday, 6 July 2012

why would you not

This is why I love vintage. I mean how can you not like vintage- it's sustainable, you will never be caught wearing the same thing as someone else and it gives you such a sense of euphoria when you finding a bargain that you cannot replicate with just grabbing something off the rail in the highstreet. Don't get me wrong I like a healthy injection of highstreet, but with vintage you nearly always get it right.
A few tips from my experience:
1. never buy vintage trainers, they just fall apart. 
2. Avoid delicate fabrics like lace, they are more likely to tear or damage
3. go for good quality fabrics and leathers, anything that looks slightly dodgy or plasticy is a risk
4. check clothes thoroughly for holes, tears, missing buttons before purchasing- you don't want any nasty surprises
5. don't be afraid to hunt!!
6. think about whether you can customise to make it a tad more modern
so yeah! That's all the tips I can think about at the moment. Have fun, but be savvy at the same time!

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