Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Good Start?

Here's a little story I wrote. I think originally I intended it to be the opening of a novel, but anyway hope you enjoy:

Girls are incredibly sensitive, perhaps a little na├»ve in some cases and riddled with so many individual insecurities that they deserve an independent survey of their own. Every girl puts on a front, a wall if you like, in which they pretend is made of concrete and is so impenetrable that it’s not even worth trying to think about breaking it down. But you can nearly always break it down. Like breaking an egg shell inside is something vulnerable and completely dependent on the shield to survive. This is what a girl is like.
She craves attention... especially from you. Every time she sees you she holds her breath, she savours the conversations and when you touch her she shakes. She goes to sleep every night with a greedy smile plastered across her place, desperate that you’ll star in her dream. As dreams are wonderful things, places where even if it is not real or even pragmatic she can be close to you, to have you all to herself.
And what tactics does she have? She likes the chase, she often uses the ‘treat them mean to keep them keen’ phrase in which teasing is a frequent player. But she gets nervous, and plays out situations in her head how she’d ideally love them to go, but they never do. You never quite say the thing that she wants you to say. She wants you to be the guy that she always wanted you to be, the one in which she took you and moulded you into the all rounder, the ultimate guy. She wants a friendship as well as an relationship, she wants to do normal things and not feel the pressure. But she needs space to spend time with others. Although she loves you, like most things if you have too much at once it’s overwhelming, you just need to stand back and observe- what you have is great, don’t ruin it.
She wants to be loved, accepted for who she really is. She wants to just stand in your arms and not be able to say anything, but you still understand each other. She wants a love life that is constantly spontaneous and so hot that if she is not carefully she’s gonna burn herself. She wants to be so overcome with lust that she loses control of her inhibitions and is racked with such want of you that she just wants to feel your kiss on her neck, you arms draped around her shoulders, her body pressing against yours, so close that you almost become one.
That is what I believe a girl wants.

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