Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The White Rabbit

Last night I really couldn't sleep. It got to about three o'clock and I was still awake, just finished Beowulf which is one of my English Literature A2 set texts and starting reading a brand new novel Jeffrey Eugenides' 'The Virgin Suicides'. I had also changed some of the stuff on here, done tons of link surfing on pinterest, emailed my pen pal and connected with my friends on twitter. So really I achieved quite a lot. 
I'm actually really excited, because I've got loads of blog posts lined up, some just in my head, some a little bit more tactile, so I really won't be neglecting! Sad and happy news, however, next week I go on tour!! Yes, I'm so exciting, I'm actually bursting. Nevertheless, this does mean that I probably won't be able to post :(
This morning after admittedly only a couple of hours sleep I was woken up by our black labrador bouncing pretty much on my head. Gaah I was not impressed. Yet, after my morning cuppa, checking my emails I decided to do a spot of editing and here I am. I think I posted this look a little while ago on this here blog, but I did a little editing, added a vintage effect and much prefer it. I hope you like it. 

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