Tuesday, 11 September 2012

things have a funny way of occurring

As you probably know already I'm doing my A2 Personal Study around Greek Gods and Goddesses, so when I was just casually browsing on Pinterest I found a figurative artist who I kinda liked and thought I would just check out to use an additional artist reference. So I researched Jylian Gustlin, and low and behold she'd done a whole series of work inspired by mythology. Fate.
Athena:  http://www.jyliangustlin.com/ 
Apollo:  http://www.jyliangustlin.com/ 
Icarus:  http://www.jyliangustlin.com/
Icarus:  http://www.jyliangustlin.com/
Zeus:  http://www.jyliangustlin.com/ 

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