Saturday, 12 January 2013

seriously guys?

Hello there!
How are things going? Happy New Year by the way!
So I have a few things to moan about:
1. People turning insignificant little events into TV soap proportion dramas. Like seriously, I apologised for my mistake- all you had to do was say that's okay I accept your apologise, but I haven't forgiven you quite yet. Not that difficult.
2. People who you don't even know (especially older people) being patronising. You may be older than me, but it's not acceptable.
3. Look at the picture. That is all. I mean I did laugh, take a picture and post it all over twitter and tumblr, but guys you're paid to organise your shop- you shouldn't be making silly mistakes like this!

Okay, rant over.

Things are going kinda well in the new year for me so far:
- the dance school I got into has acknowledged my acceptance! Hello Leeds next year!
- my birthday is next week! Hello, eighteen!!!
- I've been doing ridiculous amounts of sale shopping, I mean I practically skint! hehe, 
but, then there's revision, exams and coursework still to tackle. Also I'm visiting a cute little Quentin Blake exhibition soon, so there'll be a little post about that soon! 
Love ya x