Why Pearl?

As you might have guessed my name is not in fact Pearl, it is Charlotte.
I've always fancied the name Pearl it seems so innocent- not that I'm necessarily saying that I'm not. And the mango tree? I LOVE mangos, so I thought why don't I have a whole tree?

I have a very eclectic personality- someone once asked me "why are you so weird?" my answer was simple "I'd rather be weird than normal, because normal people don't get noticed." Don't get me wrong I'm not eccentric, I prefer bubbly, mostly influenced by my friends and their similar personalities. 
So a little bit about me?

My favourite things:
Dance- I dance way too much, in fact it is my life!  I love it, everytime I go dancing I feel so incredibly motivated and just want to learn, learn, learn. And the opportunities are AMAZING! I've worked with famous choreographers, seen loads of top dance pieces and got to perform in places like London! I would love to be a contemporary dancer when I'm older; not sure whether choreography is necessarily for me, but I'll give it a shot(:

Writing- I've tried so many times to write my own novel. I want it to be a modern classic, something well researched, well thought out which covers all viewpoints. An essential read. English literature is my favourite subject at school (as well as art, but I'll get to that) and if dance doesn't work out then I'll definitely go and do English lit at uni. 

Art- another favourite past time. To be honest I never much cared for art until I took it as a GCSE option on a bit of a whim. I know that people say that some people are born talented artists, but I honestly think practice makes perfect. The more you practise the better you get (well certainly my case). I would also love to be an artist when I am older- perhaps I should have a portfolio career?

Fashion- well I do follow fashion, I try to put my own spin on things, and shop generously in charity shops.  The outfits in this blog I deemed good enough to go on public show. I wish that I was a textile type of person who could just snip and sew and make something AMAZING! I've had a go... let's just say it needs some work. 

I like tons of other stuff so I've montaged them altogether:
coffee, watching television, photography, snow, making cakes, laughing, singing, musicals, the kooks, to kill a mockingbird, shakespeare the proposal, the hangover, parties! holidays, lady gaga, glee, florence&themachine, starbucks' frapuccino, case histories, holidays.

I could go on, but that might bore you... basically I like a lot of things, and also blogging. I'm so glad I had the idea to start this blog, I'm actually proper chuffed with myself.